About bootcamps

With the professionalization of esports, the requirements for individual teams in professional leagues are rising to extremely high levels. Team training, personal contact and additional staff members, which usually communicated ia the internet, are now essential for team spirit and the associated increase in the chances of success. A LAN location or an esports bootcamp is a very cheap and extremely effective method.

Only the fewest organizations are able to provide their teams with an own gaming house to run an optimized training for an important qualifier, an upcoming tournament or the next top match in the league. The solution are gaming houses, which can be booked weekly or just for a weekend.

Meanwhile in Europe, America and oviously Asia, a large number of training- and preparation centers, so-called gaming houses, are being built. With esportscamps.net we offer you a detailed overview of these as well as the possibility to request a booking for your specified date.

With esportscamps.net you will quickly and easily find the perfect esports bootcamp for your team. Decide for yourself what is most important to you. Are you looking for a location just a few kilometers away or is the quality of the location and equipment most important for you? With esportscamps.net you do not have to search for hours to find the right location, just use our existing overview and filter based on your requirements.