Location · Austria
10 guests
10 Computers
3 Rooms
0 Beds
This location has no beds available!
Description Neuer Glanz für den altbewährten Gamer-Tempel in Österreichs Hauptstadt! Der Wiener Gaming-Hotspot wurde erst kürzlich rundum saniert.
Computer specifications CPU: i5 4460 3,2 GHz
Graphics: Geforce GTX 970
Mainboard: Asustek Z97-P
Content studio

Green screen and lightning setup to create photos and content

Freetime activities

Kicker table, gaming consoles or garden / balcony and other activities


Wifi is freely available for everyone in the location

Address Franklinstraße 20/9, 1210 Wien, Austria
Week 30.00€ per night
Weekend 30.00€ per night

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