Location · Germany
10 guests
10 Computers
2 Rooms
0 Beds
This location has no beds available!
Description We provide you with the somewhat different boot camp. Whether with your own team or a few friends. There is something for everyone.

We offer you a great location, very high quality hardware (for playing at the highest level) and many other bookable options, such as:

- A coach for your particular game
- An analyst for your demos to evaluate
- A media team for streaming or social media
- A healthy lunch or dinner
- Snacks
- Tips and tricks from the AC or professional team
- Meet and greet with a professional athlete
- Sports on the computer (physiotherapist)
- Nutritional advice
- Training with/against one of our COM, AC or professional team
Content studio

Green screen and lightning setup to create photos and content


Wifi is freely available for everyone in the location

House rules Optional: Coach (+18€ / hour)
Optional: Analyst (+18€ / hour)
Address Danziger Str. 21, 37083 Göttingen, Germany
Week 39.00€ per night
Weekend 39.00€ per night

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